Bungalow 2 – Rockaway Beach

Bungalow Sister

Bungalow 2–next to Bungalow 1– was renovated a year following the completion of that first one. Here was an opportunity to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The coordination of colors and the small space between these two one hundred year old bungalows establishes a dialogue and a direction that adds clarity to this project. The original structure remains exposed and intact as the entire house is weatherized for year-round use. The porch has been enclosed predominantly with large insulated sliding glass windows in order to maintain the open sense of light while also allowing for expansion of private and secure space. The ceiling rafters are more open in this project and a modern white on white interior further opens to create an illusion of far more space than square footage would indicate. Like the first bungalow, this project keeps the integrity of 1910 seasonal structure and also rises to meet the challenge of “tiny house” living. Two bungalows joined buy beachfront landscaping will help show the way forward in the Rockaway Renaissance.