Gray Garden – Rockaway Beach

Bungalow Rebirth

The aftermath of hurricane Sandy presented an opportunity to redefine what it means to be a resident of Rockaway Beach. Rather than flee this storm-threatened area, hipsters, families, and entrepreneurs are flocking to this working class beachfront community. The few remaining bungalows on the peninsula provide a particular draw to these newcomers. In our project, the integrity of these 1910 bungalows is maintained as it meets the challenge of “tiny house” living. Large insulated sliding glass windows in were employed in order to maintain the open lightness while also allowing for expansion of private secure space. The enlargement is open and precisely constructed even as the existing structure maintains its organic feel. As a result, the summer bungalow has essentially become a “cottage” weatherized for year-round use.

A white-with-black-accent interior was chosen to contrast with exposed roof rafters and new traditional painted board and batten siding on the exterior. In combination with a next door bungalow, two bungalows joined buy beachfront landscaping reinforce the the old typology but also show the way forward in the Rockaway Renaissance.